a little deep, but I was recently in the hospital due to suicidal actions. I do not know how to love myself, yet I am SO full of love. I want to give love to everyone around me. I want them to feel worth it, like they ARE supposed to be here. I don’t want anyone to feel the way I do about myself. I am constantly living with the thought I do not belong on this planet. That I am ugly and nobody can ever love me. But why? Shouldn’t I be able to love myself? Love every particle and cell in my body? I’m here. I’m breathing. I get to experience life, for the short amount of time we are here. I get to see mountains, smell fresh air, witness thunder storms, experience love and joy. I get to laugh with my friends and see my family smile. I get to live on a planet where there are ANIMALS! DOGS! There are so many positives about this life, but somehow the negatives over power those.

But this is the time where I start to realize I belong here. I have a beautiful soul, that will go to no end for someone. I’m working on myself. I want people to see me as a joyful being, full of love and butterflies. I want my soul to feel lighter. I want to see myself as beautiful and I want others to see that to..